Student Feedback

You made me fill in all those feedback forms, but what happens to them next?

After each workshop we ask you to fill in a feedback form; the workshop coordinators (Hannah and Eilidh) sit and go through them with the Workshop presenters- we always take a note of any written feedback that has been provided.

The forms are then handed to CAPOD, who collate the results from the check-boxes and scan in any written comments.  We are proud to say that so far feedback on the workshops for the first semester has been very positive- it’s great to hear that they have been helpful to so many of you!

Please remember that if you have any suggestions- either on content or format- just drop Hannah or Eilidh an e-mail.  We are keen to create a dialogue with the students in the School of History so that we can tailor the workshops to your needs.

Student views:

One student wrote the following review of the first semester workshops:

Over the course of this semester I attended 6 skills workshops designed at enhancing my study of history.  As a first year studying both Medieval and Modern History, I found that they really helped me to bridge the gap between A-level and university level, as it was quite a big jump and learning is now expected to be much more independent. The workshops were particularly useful because my lectures and tutorials are centred on content rather than technique. The ‘Exam Revision in History’ workshop for example, helped me to think about how I would tackle the daunting prospect of revision, something which isn’t covered in lectures. Another handy thing about the workshops is that they are a great way to meet other historians studying in St Andrews as well as members of staff with whom you might be working in the future. As such, I would really recommend attending the workshops to anyone who has the chance to do so.

Sally Whiteside, First Year, History


History Workshops 2014!

Designed and delivered by postgraduate tutors in the School of History, these interactive workshops are designed to provide support for undergraduate students during their time as student of History at the University of St Andrews.

You can find out about the programme of workshops for this semester here, and get information on how to sign up for the workshops here.  Registration for workshops will open up one- two weeks before the workshop is scheduled.

To find out about the background to the Workshops click on About.

Library sessions

This year we will also be offering a series of Library skills sessions aimed at students in History (particularly those in first year).  These will be held within the first few weeks of term and are designed to offer an introduction to key resources, and to provide some library orientation for those who haven’t used the University Library before!


Keep an eye out for our blog posts which will keep you up to date with events and provide useful links to further study material and resources.