Exam Tips!

Tip #1
You are not expected to remember lots of primary material for your exams – but it is always impressive if you can include something! Try learning the important names or a key word or two from certain sources, as these will show your examiner that you know what you are talking about.
Originally posted 12/11

Tip # 2
Be selective and use common sense about what you need to commit to memory!
For British history topics, use the ODNB for a quick reference about historical figures who play a large part in your period.
Originally posted 14/11

Tip # 3
Find what works for you!
The best way to do your revision is to figure out for yourself what works best. Whether it’s charts, spider diagrams, flashcards, or posters stuck all around your room, it’s important to find out how you revise best. Remember to cover more than just the facts – think about themes, patterns, and connections.
Originally posted 19/11

Tip # 4
Test yourself on the issues, themes and concepts you will need to know for your exam. Re-reading and revising your notes is an excellent starting point, but you need to make sure that you know all the key material thoroughly. Making and then using flashcards to test just how well you know a concept is a fantastic way to reinforce the materials you are revising and can help you identify what items you still need to review further.
Originally posted 24/11/14

Tip # 5
Think about making use of group revision or discussion groups!  This is really useful in history where you are often asked to discuss a subject or getting involved in debates.  It also helps you pool knowledge with your peers!  Explaining things to someone has been shown to enhance your own understanding- and you can also test one another on content!  You might also try ‘teaching’ a relative or friend about the topic!
Originally posted 03/12

Tip # 6
Although active revision is really important, don’t forget importance of reviewing.  At the end of every revision session spend 15 minutes going over what you have done.  At the end of every day spend 30-60 minutes reviewing what you have done that day.  You are more likely to remember it the more often you review it!  Don’t revise a topic and then not return to it for another 3 days!
Originally posted 10/12

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